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16 June 2006


Phil Edwards

During the England v Trinidad and Tobago game yesterday I found myself wondering why I was putting myself through all this; anxiety, irritation, steadily lowering spirits. Then we nicked our two goals and were guaranteed qualification, and what I mainly felt was tired.

I watched it in company - the first time I've ever watched a match that way - and I felt exactly the same for the first 82 minutes. But the goals made up for everything - lots of leaping around and shouting (although we didn't go so far as that curious pat-a-cake thing Beckham was doing).

I suppose it's difficult to be demonstrative when you're on your own - "Ah, yes. Jolly good. Quite a good goal, too. Well played, Crouchy! (Crouchy? Croucho? Crouchster? Better look it up.)"

pete heskett

i'm with you on this.

i am watching the world cup in china and at 1:35pm as we gambled with a half-fit rooney against a group of players who would probably not even grace the top half of the championship i felt similiarly stupid and forlorn. most of the people around me at the expat pub were so hammered by that time that they didn't really care. despite the euphoria of the victory i couldn't help but rue my own pathetic nature at caring so much. as the lack of sleep and hangover lengthened my shadow the next day this feeling of collective loserdom only increased.

what to do? nothing. that's what being a supporter is all about. the point is that sooner or later your team does something that is worth all the pain for. even england. i'm sure that before the end of my lifetime they'll do something of the magnitude of 1966 again. i only wish i wasn't so drunk for the match v germany in munich as i might have remembered that high a little more clearly....

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