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21 June 2006



The hairstyle adopted by the Swedish gentleman --- and by an Argentiniam player as well --- is known as the rattail, and for a time in the early 80s, it contended with the mullet for most popular hairstyle among the monster-truck-rally-loving segement of the American population. Much like the mullet, the contagation briefly spread to the public at large, but in our enlightened times the scourge has been almost fully exterminated.

WC fan

seems a bit harsh to criticise bald people for their "hairstyle". It is not a decision, but a reaction, and definitely rates well on your references to not being high maintenance or capable of being tugged.

If someone is going a bit light on top, would it better meet your subjective definition of acceptability if they persisted with a Bobby Charlton style combover? No, of course not - that would be entirely silly.

The zero blade is the only thing for it.


Not to mention Steve McClaren's tufty forelock, which, alone out in front of his otherwise receding hairline, looks as incongruous as Peter Crouch at the head of a 4-5-1 formation.

Cryptic Ned

Probably the worst hair in this World Cup belongs to the same person
who had it in the last World Cup, the Argentine midfielder Juan Pablo

I disagree; there is a new contender since the last World Cup.

It's hard to find a well-lit picture of him, but here's one that gives you an idea what his hair looks like. Think beaded lampshade.

UPDATE: There appears to be no way to point someone to a website in these comments, but I'm speaking of the Angolan player "Loco".

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