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20 June 2006



I don't know much about Philip K Dick except that he was a paranoid speedfreak genius science fiction writer and I suspect that in order to pull all that off probably lived in some kind of delusional alternative universe. Which would come in handy if you want to support England in the World Cup. For instance faced with another dismal performance by the team you could rejig the whole experience by imagining the one or two good moves that didn't quite come off actually resulted in spectacular goals and England won all their games by scores of 3-0, 4-0 or, hey why not, 5-0.

Also, as Ruud Guillt keeps saying just before he says "moment", don't forget Owen Hargreaves. His refusal to join in with the singing of God Save The Queen wasn't his only admirable contribution to last night's game. I believe we may have found our Makalele.

Finally, a recent study somewhere dispelled the notion that eating cheese before bedtime has some perceptible affect on sleep, nightmares etc. It was only an urban myth. Like believing that England could ever win the World Cup. Pleasant dreams.


'Delusional alternate universe' is a good description of where Phil Dick lived. And he was indeed a champion paranoid. He would have been the first to point out that the study you mention was paid for by the British Cheese Board: http://www.cheeseboard.co.uk/news.cfm?page_id=240
Apart from that, yes.


Major football team held hostage while evil robots take their place on the pitch. However, they escape just in time to get back in the tournament and win it (perhaps at half--time of the final group game, the robots having conceded eleven goals during the first half). Sounds like an excellent football-themed sci-fi blockbuster, John - get yourself to Hollywood and start pitching to the studios now!


Mmm, yes. I see all now. A paranoid really is someone in possession of all the facts. Then again, the Great British Cheeseboard. Yeah! How do I join?

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