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19 June 2006



Death's waiting room': a bit like Eastbourne then?

Geoff Roberts

I'd say Worthing was a better match. Never been to Worthing? It has all the charm of Peckham and the average age is 95 in the shade. Now for something completely different. Germany and Ecuador are just going through the motions and the German reporter is going up the wall. They've scored three times against a defence that cares not and is saving up for the clash with Sweden. The German euphoria is getting just a little bit too strong. As I came home from work I passed a Kneipe in which they were singing the national anthem with an enthusiasm and - wait for it - yes, good humour - in a German bar. Amazing. What this country will be like if they win the Cup - well, we'll see. Only England (or Brazil, or Argentina) can stop them destroying every cliché in the book about the stern Krauts etc.

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