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13 June 2006



This query is not strictly football-related, so forgive the imposture:

Will you be coming to Oz for the Ashes?

It's not simply low-rent nationalism to say that the smell of rain on eucalypt-rich humus is superior to the smell of rain-driven diesel and pollution.

Interestingly, Jocelyn Moorhouse did try to make a film about a man, a woman, eucalypts and, perhaps, rain. It died in the arse.



I'd love to go to Australia for the Ashes but I suspect I'll be watching/listening to it on this very same sofa. As for the smell of Eucalyptus, agreed. As for Eucalyptus the film, well it's a pity, but since they never make a good movie from a good book, and since Eucalyptus the novel is such a good book, perhaps it's better this way. If they made the Nicole Kidman character 15 years older, as that linked article suggests, how could the story make sense, since the whole point is she's only just old enough to marry?

Nene Dakai

Togoan? No, Togolese. You've got to be able to get at least that right.

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