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22 June 2006


Kári Tulinius

Wasn't Bernd Schuster a slow moving "can opener" in his heyday? Admittedly, having been a small boy in his heyday, I can't say I've seen him play much.


He was so slow-moving he didn't even make it to the World Cup in either 1986 or 1990.

Kári Tulinius

That was because he didn't want to play for West Germany. According to the excellent Tor! - The Story of German Football by Uli Hesse-Lichtenberger, Schuster wanted 1 million DM for participating in 86. The German FA was so desperate that they actually went to Adidas and asked them to pay Schuster. Adidas said no.


Riquelme is not a slow player, he's not a fat or a lazy player.
He's a Genius, he doesn't need the running thing.
I saw every match of Villareal this year, in every match i was surprised.
Riquelme can hold the ball without move it. Anyone else can do that?
Riquelme can see the perfect space in the perfect moment. He doesn't need to run, he need a couple of runners to make them score.

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