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29 June 2006


Jonathan Lewis

1. Regarding your Mac Mail sounds. A post from Nyarlathotep on the Apple support discussions tells you how to change this:

The Mail sounds aren't officially changable..
..But if you :-

1) right click on the mail application
2) select show package contents
3) double click on the folder shown [contents]
4) double click on the resources folder
5) within this folder are the sound files used by mail - mail fetch error, mail sent, new mail, no mail

The beauty is that you can drop any aiff files in there, rename them to replace a set sound and voila !! sound effect has changed !!

Obviously, make sure you back up the official sound files before you change anything - in case there are any problems, you want the opriginal sounds back, etc.

2. On Footynomics, I don't know if Japan vs. Australia supports your thesis very well. Their per-capita GDPs are essentially the same, but Japan has six times the population (and a much longer established football league). On the other hand both their defences have been described as naive in this World Cup.

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