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02 July 2006


Gary Naylor

No England's penalties were much worse than Portugal's because they arrived at a pace and, critically, a height, that gave the keeper a 50% chance of saving them. Given that he he was watching their eyes and had no doubt tapes of the takers' previous penalties running through his head, that percentage is probably halved to 25%. And so, 1 from 4 is what we got.

Whilst we have all been told ad nauseam that England practised penalties, did anyone coach them? Surely one of the thirty or forty successful Germans over the years could have been prevailed upon and what about Matthew Le Tissier (49 successes out of 50 when I last looked)? Penalties are not a lottery, as England prove yet again.


Didn't Lehmann go the right way for all five? I wouldn't be surprised because he spends his evenings studying every penalty ever taken by every possible opponent, making copious notes on their twitches. That was presumably what those pieces of paper were which Kahn kept producing - Sorin: Nase zuchend = geh LINKS. Can't imagine Robinson making notes. Can't imagine him writing. As ever, it's the anti-intellectualism of the English that's to blame.

Vish Subramanian

1982, I believe was the last time we had 4 Euro semi-finalists. Brazil and Argentina have been in every single final since.


Another reason for rooting for France: Thuram's elegant essays on racism in Le Monde.


Rooney would make a pretty good Pozzo to Peter Crouch’s Lucky in “Waiting for Godot”, maybe a mimed version. Don’t think he’d be right for Mr. Rooney (a bemused, blind, affectionate old man, struggling to contain his wife’s growing sense of panic and dread) in “All that Fall” though. Not yet anyway.

Nick Lezard

It's in Mercier and Camier. The testicles, that is. Nice blog, John.

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